How to go forward with car registration

Car reg check

Always buying a new car is undoubtedly an exciting experience. Why it should not be you have taken so much of pain to save for the dream car reg check. You and your family might be impatiently waiting for that long drive on your own car. But hang on! You need to keep in mind few pointers in mind which will help you registration of the car.


Inspection before registration

Before the car is registered on your name you need to check few points which might not be easy after the car registration on your name as the dealer might say that now it is not dealer’s accountability. You need to check the vehicle identification number through which you can know in which month and year the vehicle was formed. Also ask for the Form 22 certificate from the dealer to check engine number. To check if the vehicle was used for demo purpose check the odometer cable connection if it is disconnected then it means it has been used as a demo car.

Exterior inspection

Usually the warehouses where the cars are kept are not that pleasing. Due to the huge inventory movement you can find some damage on paint, rust or slight body bent. If you find any of type of scratch or bent talk to the dealer and take the written confirmation that it will be corrected before it is delivered to you. Also check if there is any noise while you switch on the engine. Check if there is any crack on the windows.

Car reg check

Interior inspection

Once the exterior inspection is done now it’s time to check the interior parts check the dashboards, seats and door pads if they are fit properly or not. Check for the glove box, seat belt. If the car has been kept out for long time then there are chances of harbouring bacteria which may cause bad smell in the car. Check the air condition if it is cooling quickly or not and also check if the gas need to fill as it has been not used for long.


Now it’s time to check the documentation, once you’re completely sure that all other things are proper without any glitch. Check for the insurance details. The owner manual guide should be stamped by the dealer and number plates have to be fixed.


It is always better to take the vehicle at day time because you can clearly check on all the amendments which you have asked for and if all the accessories have been placed for which you have already paid. So that’s all its time to leave the showroom with your new car. Safe driving.

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