Crop top bra- an overview

The choices of women will not be same all the time. Sometime the will be interested in wearing a long top attire while sometime they move for crop tops. Especially in summer, the crop tops are the choice of almost all the women as they tend to provide them greater comfort than they sound to be. Obviously while wearing these tops, they are also supposed to wear the best bra for it. Women must make note that the normal bras will not fit the crop tops to a greater extent. Hence they are supposed to choose the best one according to it.

Easy way to make

Instead of searching for the best bra for crop top in the local market, women can prefer to make it on their own. Obviously making this bra will be quite easier than they sound to be. In case, if they tend to have the old tank tops they can easily convert it into bra for crop tops. Since the steps of converting them into a bra are quite easier, even the women who don’t have better stitching knowledge can handle them easily.

Marking is the first step for converting this bra. One must remember that this marking should be done at the best. This is because once if the portion is cut according to the market, they cannot be reunited again. Hence one must have the right measurement to stitch the elastic. The elastic should be kept around the torso to come up with the right measurement. At the time of making this measurement, the elastic should be stretched little. After the marking is done, the stitching can be started. The elastic should be added to the fabric and they can be stitched easily in hand. People who are unable can use the stitching machine. If interested, women can also add laces and other designs to their crop top bra.

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