Taking Care Of The Squishy Toys Like Sticky Ball Toys

Babies are fond of soft and cute toys. Rather than sharp-edged and metallic things, sticky ball toys are the best for toddlers and new-borns. Being squishy, they easily collect dirt and often become sticky. Young ones can’t avoid putting toys in their mouths. Thus, they should be fresh and clean. This guide will surely help you save from germs if you are struggling to keep them clean.

Make And Material

  • Specially made of soft foam suitable to be held in hands, the ball toys are the best stress relievers.
  • They are colorful made in several shapes and designs like fruits and vegetables or emojis attracting the children’s eyes.
  • Some are made with additional scents or cloth covering to promote a pleasant feeling while playing.
  • Inflatable or sound-producing toys are also popular these days.

Studies have revealed that playing with soft and colorful toys is a great stress and depression reliever.

Cleaning And Maintaining

Generally, squishy toys are for very young children. They often tend to put them inside their mouths, drenching them in drool or cover them with food or milk. The wetness of hands or even sweat can make them sticky and dirty. Cleaning sticky balls toys for hygiene is very important if they are for the young ones.

  • Most of the clothed ones are washable. Regular washing with soap and water keeps them fresh and clean.
  • Adhesive tapes can cover the rubber parts where particle sticking could be the most.
  • Dry powder coating over the top avoids the particle sticking. As babies tend to put them in their mouths, corn-starch is better for applying the layer. It keeps the toy dry and is harmless for taste.

Playing with soft toys is cheerful for the cognitive growth of the baby. But simultaneously, health and cleanliness matter the most. Keeping the toys always clean helps for cherished play.

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